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Hopkins Contemporary

Located in Aspen's West End, this new house is a contemporary interpretation of the Victorian forms prevalent in the historic architecture of the neighborhood. Although the house is 4,238 square-feet and much larger than its traditional counterparts, the highly articulated massing and the use of one-story elements and indigenous materials like Colorado Buff stone and cedar siding keep it in scale with its surroundings. Built speculatively, the home’s interior architecture is designed to appeal to a variety of potential users. The upside-down concept for the house places the living room, dining, and kitchen on the top level to take advantage of the view. As the lot does not provide space for on-grade outdoor living spaces, the living room is served by an above-grade deck, which extends the use of the room outdoors.

TYPE: Custom Home


SIZE: 4,238 sq. ft. 

PRIMARY SCOPE: Architecture and Interior Architecture

COLLABORATORS: Iglehart Construction  |  DG&A Interior Design   |  Greg Mozain & Associates

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