Relationship: Client

My wife and I hired Menendez Architects for two recent projects that have been completed within the last 5 years. Both projects required major alterations to two individual homes that already had very distinct architecture. These projects required the architect to seamlessly blend and honor the potential new additions with the flavor and design of the existing homes. In both instances, the finished product makes it impossible to determine where the "old" ended and the "new" began. 

My wife and I have built and renovated 8 homes over the period of our marriage, and we have worked with a number of architects. One of the most refreshing and gratifying aspects of working with Luis Menendez, principal of Menendez Architects, is his ability to listen and actually hear the desires and aspirations of the client. Mr. Menendez does not bring his ego to the table--- he advises in a most professional manner while still respecting and incorporating the client's goals and wishes. This being said, he does not compromise the quality of design while accomplishing this very important aspect of the project. Mr. Menendez is sensitive to cost and budget, and works extremely well with construction contractors in order to meet and stay within the targeted dollars to be spent and time allowed.

The greatest reward our work brings to the studio is the genuine appreciation and satisfaction our clients express over the homes we help them create. It is the main reason we put as much passion and effort into each and every project.

Thank you, to all of our clients/friends.
Relationship: Client

Luis Menendez and his associates worked their magic turning a 1970's era A frame into a 21st century contemporary mountain home for us. Their ideas were creative, they coordinated well with the general contractor and they were easy to work with. this was our first experience working with an architect and we didnt understand what an architect could bring to a project. we were pleasantly surprised and extremely pleased with the result.

Relationship: Structural Engineering Consultant

As structural engineering consultants to Menendez Architects, we have a great appreciation for the quality of service and degree of professionalism of the firm. Menendez Architects produces extremely aesthetic and functional designs, tailored to the individual client's preferences and needs on the project. In addition, they take great care to detail every necessary condition on the project as well as coordinate all the disciplines to minimize questions and delays during construction. During construction, issues are addressed promptly and practically so as to keep the project on track. Contractors enjoy working under those conditions and that is reflected in the pricing. As engineers, we know any Menendez Architects project will be highly successful with minimal professional risk, and that is reflected in our pricing as well as level of service._Glenwood Structural and Civil, Inc.

Relationship: Client

​Luis Menendez and his architecture firm did outstanding work designing the full remodel of our Aspen Alps condominium. Luis is creative, responsive, reliable, knowledgeable, a gifted problem solver and a pleasure to work with. He also played a very valuable role selecting and managing our contractor, and ensuring the project stayed on track (in both budget and time) and met high quality standards. We would welcome opportunities to work with Luis again and recommend him without reservations.

Relationship: Colleague

Having been in the Construction business over 40 years I have had many opportunities to work with many Architects. Luis Menendez stands out as one of the most talented Designers this coupled with a complete and workable set of plans makes for a smooth construction process thus assuring that budgets and schedules are met. 

Should you be in need of a truly wonderful Architectural experience I would highly recommend you entertain Menendez Architects for your project.

Relationship: Client

My wife Jimena and myself hired Architect Luis Menendez to remodel a 40 year old house in Snowmass Colorado that we had recently purchased.  Luis was very patient and attentive throughout the design process. The scope of work included designing new elevations, defining new interiors specifications, improving the floor plan and selecting a reliable contractor to perform the remodeling work.  We are very pleased with the end result - the house is gorgeous and very well thought out. 
In short, we highly recommend Luis Menendez and his team.  Diego and Jimena Herrera

Relationship: Client

Luis was the lead archetect for 2 major home renovations each in excess of well over a million dollars. We have worked with scores of architects through the years but none as proficient & dedicated as Luis. He was the perfect combination of excellent technical skills, great vision & imagination , with a wonderful attitude & working relationship with his client.
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Alpenglow Lighting Design, Inc.
Relationship: Colleague

Luis Menendez is a pleasure to work with. His designs are creative, bright, and airy, and his easy manner makes the work flow smoothly. At Alpenglow Lighting Design, we have worked with Menendez Architects on several projects and each one has been wonderful.

Relationship: Client

Menendez Architects has done three very different projects for us, both mountain and urban, over a period of more than fifteen years: an addition, a historic renovation, and a new-built custom home. We just keep coming back. Luis is all things you want in an architect. 

On practical matters: our projects have always come in on time and on budget; Luis is a master of navigating the maze of various building codes and regulations; and in one the highest compliments I can think of, our builders always remark on what a pleasure it is to work from Luis' perfectly detailed and accurate plans, plans that anticipate and solve problems before they arise, saving all of us time and money. 

On matters of design, I've learned to trust Luis: Luis sees space and light in ways I can't; I can tell Luis the way I want a room to feel and function, and he creates a space that does just that, while looking better than I would have thought it could; he respects our design tastes but always manages to improve them with his own style. 

On personal matters: Luis has an easy-going and easy-to-work-with manner, while being attentive to time and deadlines; he maintains great relationships with and gets referrals from everyone he works with, from builders and engineers to planners and realtors; and he mediates well among diverse interests and opinions--including between family members.

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Relationship: Client

I have worked with Menendez Architects on several projects, residential, commercial and mixed use. The professionalism and detail in their work far surpasses other architects that I have worked with. The quality of their work was noticed by the contractors hired for buildout.